The Pro Makeup Artist, Designer & Cosmetologist


My YAYA (grandmother) is my biggest inspiration, model, coach, supporter, teacher, mentor! She is still, to this day my biggest motivator. I am living my dream and do something I am so passionate about. I also share this dream with my yaya and am living it for her since she was not able to practice or make a career from this due to personal circumstances. But its ok, because this dream of hers that she has so much passion for has also become my passion. At the end of the day, I would not be doing what I love if it weren’t for her.

A lot of the education about technique, ingredients, formulas, and applications was learned by watching my Yaya every morning when she starts doing her daily routine! Full face every day, and not just doing makeup, she taught me that skincare should always come first. Her daily routine began the night before, by removing your makeup at night, cleaning your face, as well as prep and protect your skin. She also gave me my first pink makeup kit! I remember so well, those pink plastic boxes that sell at the orange retailer, but the thing I loved the most it was the set of brushes. Estee Lauder, those traditional, expensive brushes, with deep blue handle, golden metallic ferrule, and those natural brown bristles. That I was amaze with all the possibilities that makeup brings you! The looks you can create are never ending, and what I loved most is how you can make a person feel beautiful and confident.

I attend to the University of Guadalajara to study design and took 2-3 years of makeup related courses. The history, and evolution-revolution of makeup, human anatomy, types of skin, chemistry in makeup, theory of color, theory of shape and form, golden ratio, etc. I could keep going and going on subjects that I learned in those 3 years. Makeup is not just videos, and apply it and learn it on yourself. There are detailed techniques, tons product knowledge, and so much more information that goes into learning about makeup and do a correct makeup application.

As far as personal experience goes, I have worked, managed, trained, and certified countless makeup artist, beauty advisors, skincare advisors, and travel to open stores and train new teams within the two biggest cosmetics retailers for the last 15 years. Those positions gave me strength, confidence, and tons of experience and practice of course. But one of the biggest and most rewarding parts of this career is the pleasure to meet hundreds of amazing souls, that put their beauty and their trust in my hands to enhance their beauty.. Because the real job of the makeup artist is adapting his knowledge to work with the client unique faces, and accentuate their natural and true beauty. Not change it.

It is always going to be easy recreate, copy or do the same makeup on every single client. That is why it is important learn, read, watch, even take courses, or go to school to learn more about makeup, sanitation, disinfection and other procedures, Because you have a human in front of you, a makeup artist can make that client feel beautiful, younger and bring confidence and self-esteem! But the opposite can also happen.

Makeup is art, fun, knowledge; its shadows, light, darkness, forms, shapes, colors, textures, finishes, ingredients, and much more. Unfortunately, you cannot learn this in YouTube videos or Instagram accounts, because this is the part no one talks about…It is Theory of color, sanitation, event first aid, geometry, visual effects, techniques of draw, and hundreds of other terms and definitions that those videos will never discuss. Those types of videos are good for one thing, make people thing that that’s the way they should wear every day. They never say this makeup looks amazing for videos, pictures, etc. No shade! But lets keep it real! A hard working family woman with 2 or more kids, and all her responsibilities and chores doesn’t have 2-3 hrs to recreate those looks…A lot of those “makeup artist” get pay, sponsors and they use very expensive make up, that regular people cant afford and we make this generations want for xmas a $60 usd eye shadow palette…She is 13, 15! Why she is even wearing makeup? We are doing a lot of things wrong. But I’m here to bring those bust those myths A beautiful woman who is turning 50 and getting married for example, would have no use for all the videos spread across the internet, because they only do one type of look for one type of face. In my opinion that is the part that most individuals struggle with, because a lot of the makeup artist out there do not personalize, customize, or give the clients that “me” time. The whole point of the makeup is it must make her feel unique, beautiful, confident, and outgoing.


Creativity, love and tons of passion for the people. Making clients happy, feel sexy, and especially seeing their confidence come back when they see themselves in the mirror. When clients say “they want to take me home to their makeup every day”! Even the sad stories that end with a beautiful smile and created a learning moment for myself and the client. The moment a client sees the end results and literally takes their breath away. Or when an older woman reaches out and wants to do her face for her 60th anniversary, and wants to get all done up. There are so many memories, stories, and people that I have met, that truly make me love being a pro makeup artist.


With 20+ years of experience, being a born artist, and growing up with a cosmetologist and makeup artist grandmother! I am versed in dealing with regular clients with real concerns, questions and challenges in the real world. Whether they have freckles, dark circles, redness, rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, prominent nose, big and small lips, or anything else. The real trick, and best advice that I can give you is BE YOU! Embrace your uniqueness and your raw beauty. Try it, put it on, play with it! And if you dont like it, wash your face and do it all again. The practice and some guidance will make you, the best makeup artist that you ever will have.


-5 awards for client excellence and client satisfaction.

-Over 650 positives client satisfaction surveys with your amazing and motivating comments, over 3-4 years, this is almost 2 amazing client satisfaction surveys answer 100% and perfects.

-Over 5 master classes

-3 Color Encore

-2 Skincare Encore

-Well-known celebrities as personal clients(Desperate House Wife of OC).

-15+ years of experience in the 2 biggest cosmetic retailers in the country

-Editorials, fashion shows, runways, parties, drag queens, celebrities, classes, master classes, trainings, encores, trips to share the knowledge, all this I think is what makes me a PRO Makeup Artist. Not working for a big company and just doing fashion shows and editorials and celebrities. The real challenge, learning and pay, is in the real world, with real people. With the hardworking people who dont have 3-5hrs to sit down and do their makeup. People that have 3,4,5 or more kids that wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning. Quinceaneras, or brides that put their beauty of that special day in my hands. Even people who have given up on makeup. Black people, white people, Latinos, Cubanos, americanos, con different nationalities, different face shapes, different skin texture.